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Did you know? Southgate having an MP is under threat. Read the linked article to object



Meeting for residents of Arnos Ward against the Oktoberfest.


Please attend if you are available

FLDRA committee


We held an open meeting with newly elected councillors on Tuesday 31st May at 7.45 in Burford Hall, Fox Lane.

We have 9 new local councillors in the FLDRA area,  elected on 5th May. They have all been invited to attend . This was our chance to get to know them, ask them questions and alert them to issues that you consider important locally . Wine and nibbles were  provided.

Our new Ward members are;
Winchmore Hill

Maria Alexandrou  ( Con )


Stephanos IOANNOU ( Con )
Chris JOANNIDES ( Con )
Elisa MORREALE ( Con )

Palmers Green

Christine JAMES  ( Lab)
Douglas TAYLOR  ( Lab )

Arnos Grove

Adrian Darren GRUMI ( Con )
Paul PRATT ( Con )

A new committee

At the recent Agm the following people agreed to serve on the committee;

  • Chair – Philip Sheffield
  • Vice Chair – Liz Partridge
  • Secretary – Christian Ignatiou
  • Treasurer – John Macrory
  • Eleanor Grant
  • Christina Hector
  • Richard Mapleston
  • Ron Tabor
  • Peter Warford

Priorities for this year;

  • Support local residents with planning issues.
  • Support St Johns Church work to help homeless and vulnerable people . Weekly donations of toiletries continue to be welcome. Please either take to the church or drop round to 2, Conway Road. We are also assisting in picking up food from The Felix Project.
  • Have a residents association and friends social event in the summer.
  • Organise another tree walk with Andy Robinson
  • Work closely with local councillors to improve the area and to identify areas of concern.
  • Work with and support  local businesses .
  • Work with the Friends of Broomfield Park as they seek a solution for the drained boating pond.
  • Work with the Friends of Conway Rec.
  • Reach out to residents in Leigh Hunt Drive and the Southgate FLDRA area to learn of their concerns and priorities. We acknowledge we are very focussed on the Fox Lane area.


Our friends at the Winchmore Hill Residents Association have asked us to share this  article about a proposed development in Hoppers Road; CLICK HERE to read it.


A bizzarre proposal from the council trying to alleviate some of the well publicised problems associated with the LTNs 

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FLDRA Newsletter 6 March 2022



FLDRA Boundaries

The ‘Fox Lane and District Residents’ Association (FLDRA)’ was formed in 1978 and is the sole voluntary body representing the interests of residents living within the area bounded by Bourne Hill, The Bourne, High Street, Cannon Hill, Aldermans Hill and Green Lanes.

This area comprises of a total of around 3500 households, of which more than 460 households are currently members.

Our constitution is described here

If you would like to become a member please see our Membership page for details of how to join and you can apply via our Online Membership Form.

We welcome members coming forward to take a lead on topics of relevance across our area, representing the association and our members, in particular our key priorities. You do not need to become a member of the committee.

For details of our current committee members please see the Committee Members page and for details of meetings please see our Agendas & Minutes for Meetings page.

You can also read about Issues and Consultations, Neighbourhood Watch and see the weekly Planning Applications.

Please enquire through our Contact Page if you have any questions or comments.