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Pavement Report

Questions asked by the FLDRA to Doug Taylor and the Pavements department at Enfield Council.
1 Which department is responsible for planned maintenance and reactive
repairs on pavements? What is the contact address? Which contractors carry out

Highway Operations are the department responsible for carrying out both
Planned Maintenance (
<>) (footway renewal programme) and
Routine and Reactive (
<>(day to day safety inspections) carried out within Enfield. Kenson Highways carry out our defect repairs.

2 How large is the budget this financial year for the above?

Reactive budget for defect repairs is £2.5 million, the Planned Maintenance
budget for this financial year is £610,000 for the Boroughs footway network.

3 How many kilometres of pavement are within the borough and the Lakes Estate?

There are 1100km of footway in the Borough and 9.26km of footway on the Lakes
Estate .

4 What is the process for routine inspection and monitoring of pavements

The safety inspections are carried out on Monthly, Quarterly, Six monthly and

5 What percentage of the borough pavements are flag stones? Is the policy to
move to tarmac?

We do not have the individual percentage of paving stone footways for
Enfield. The current footway policy is to remove paving stones and replace them
with tarmac except in some conservation areas and Town Centres.

6 What is the current policy on prioritisation of works?

All planned works are prioritised on a worst first basis. Potential schemes
highlighted by members of the public, Councillors and Highway Inspectors
undergo condition surveys. These surveys involve scoring the severity and
frequency of 8 footway defects. The score is then multiplied by a weighting
factor based on the footfall of the given section of footway. These final
scores form a priority list from which the top 10-15 schemes are taken each
year. Routine safety inspections are also carried out to the frequency given in
Q4 above and what is found while doing these are assessed with regards to
safety, location etc and what repair priority these are then given which are to
make safe within two hours and a follow on within a 7-day repair and or a 28

7 What percentage of the budget is spent on reactive repairs?

As detailed in Q2 £610,000 is spent on footway planned maintenance, but there
is not specific split in the £2.5m reactive budget with repairs to footways and
carriageways carried out as they arise

8 How are contractor works on pavements assessed after completion?

Reactive Repairs are audited on site and internal Enfield and contract audit
meetings take place. Planned works are monitored throughout their time on site
with final snagging walks taking place immediately after works are completed to
pick up any final issues.

9 What is the standard for intervention on a trip hazard?

We are on an investigatory level of 25mm on the footway and 40mm in the

10 How many complaints on pavements has the Council received in the past year
and how many relate to the Lakes Estate as defined in Q18?

Fox Lane – 5 reports on pavements received on this road in the past year

Grovelands Road – 0 report on pavements received on this road in the past year

Conway Road – 1 report on pavements received on this road in the past year

Old Park Road – 4 reports on pavements received on this road in the past year

Lakeside Road – 3 reports on pavements received on this road in the past year

Derwent Road – 4 reports on pavements received on this road in the past year

Ulleswater Road – 1 report on pavements received on this road in the past year

Harlech Road – 0 report on pavements received on this road in the past year

Selborne Road – 1 report on pavements received on this road in the past year

11 What is the cost of total replacement of flagstones on the Lakes estate as
defined in Q18?

We do not have this information

12 What is the cost of replacement of a single flagstone?

Cost for 1 sqm of 63mm thick paving is £21.50. This is from our contract rate
items and there are different costs for different thickness of paving slabs, so
use this as an example.

13 How many complaints did the Council receive in the past 12 months on trips?

We cannot search for trips on the highway separately. Our system records
problems with the pavement and if a customer has reported a trip it will be as
part of the information included in their report.

14 How many resulted in Council accepting responsibility and liability and
what was paid in compensation?

No claims of liability were accepted by the Council in the past 12 months

15 What are the defences against a claim for compensation?

In terms of defences, the Council has two main defences under The Highways
Act 1980:

* Section 41 – the alleged defect is not at investigation level
* Section 58 – the alleged defect is at or above investigation level, but the
Council were either not on notice of the defect prior to the material accident,
or the defect was not present on the last Area Walk prior to the incident, or
both. Basically, the Council has to prove it has a suitable system of
inspection and maintenance in place.</></>

<><>. 16 Are all the costs of work met from the
common capital programme or are there any funds the Council can bid for?

All costs for the planned maintenance programme are met from the common
capital programme. Funding does exist for construction works, but bids must
incorporate strict process and or partnerships/ outcomes. Unfortunately general
maintenance isn’t covered within any pots that we are aware of but
investigation of other funding streams is something Highways will continue with
in an effort to supplement existing budgets.

17 Are there any London comparison data on the state of our pavements?

There is no comparison data available

18 What do the records show for repairs on the following streets;

Fox Lane – 72 safety defects have been identified along this road in the past
12 months

Grovelands Road – 57 safety defects have been identified along this road in
the past 12 months

Conway Road – 68 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

Old Park Road – 50 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

Lakeside Road – 36 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

Derwent Road – 45 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

Ullswater Road – 33 safety defects have been identified along this road in
the past 12 months

Harlech Road – 17 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

Selborne Road – 21 safety defects have been identified along this road in the
past 12 months

19 Where a pavement is damaged by residential or commercial construction
works accessing by vehicles how does the Council identify a problem and how
does it get redress

We are either advised/notified that there are builders or another third party
working on the highway causing damage via the Enfield report it and or these
are located when we are on our safety inspections within Enfield. We also have
numerous council staff frequently traveling around Enfield who also reports on
these activities. We will always follow up on all damage caused and where
possible we will charge for this damage that has been caused.</></>

Old News

Update on the LTN;

26 Jan 2022

A report on the Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood has been prepared that evaluates the outcomes of the trial . This report, including recommendations, has now been published and a link is available here(External link).

This report is under consideration, with a decision anticipated shortly.

A new constitution and Code of Conduct .

At an EGM held at the United Reform Church a new Constitution was passed unanimously by those present and the Code of Conduct was passed with one abstention .

AGM – 2022

The AGM of the association will be held at 8pm  on Wednesday , 30th March, also in the small hall of the United Reform Church.

News and current issues

Christmas Social
We held a very successful and enjoyable social event in Burford Hall in December. First class entertainment was provided by three local residents who have performed all over the world. Hugely enjoyable .
Importantly we also managed to raise over £300 for the Ark charity run out of St Johns in Bourne Hill. Generous donations from residents , local businesses and our MP , Bambos Charalambous, meant that raffle tickets were snapped up eagerly!!

Devonshire Road Plaza
Tomorrow , Friday 7th, members of the committee are meeting with representatives from Enfield Council to discuss the proposed Devonshire Road Plaza. We look forward to being involved in the dialogue.

Broomfield Park
Local residents have told us that a priority for them is improving the state of Broomfield Park. The committee is keen to work with the Friends of Broomfield Park to restore the boating pond and we are looking actively at ways we can help.

We want your ideas!
The committee is keen to get more actively involved with local residents and we welcome ideas and offers of help. The committee is open to new recruits in 2022 and we would love to see some completely new faces joining us. Please consider putting yourself forward to join the committee at the AGM.

Very Best wishes,

Philip Sheffield – chair FLDRA.


Fox Lane LTN.

The council has provided residents with another chance to comment on the LTNS. Objections and representations can be made by residents until 11th January 2022.  The letter can be read here;  Enfield Council Update

Newsletter August 2021

Report from FLDRA secretary of the Southgate Green Ward Forum on 5th July 2021

Southgate Green Ward Meeting 5th July 2021

Newsletter June 7th 2021

FLDRA Newsletter – June 2021. 

Southgate Green Ward Panel Survey

Your Safer Neighbourhoods Team is dedicated to serving your community & making a difference.

They work diligently in response to reports of anti-social behaviour and crime in our area, working closely with the council, partner agencies and the community to solve these issues.

By taking part in this quarterly survey, you will help shape  policing response and ensure that they deal with issues that matter most to you and the local community.

Click link here to go straight to the survey;

Click links for latest crime statistics and useful contact numbers

Upcoming initiatives from your new committee

  • Tree Group being setup to look at all issues in FLDRA area. Meeting with Cllr Dinah Barry and Andy Robinson, head of tree care at Enfield Council.
  • First social event since 2019 – July  28th United Reform Church- 2021 – date and speaker to be confirmed
  • New study group into safe bike storage locally
  • Regular newsletter –
  • Weekly planning updates
  • Weekly Crime stats and meetings with local police support officers

Brexit Information for EU parents

Brexit will affect the lives of EU citizens and their children. Parents, legal guardians and those with any responsibility for a child/children may need to take action to ensure they secure the rights of those children in the UK. According to The Migration Observatory, there are over 900,000 children of non-Irish EU citizens living in the UK.

In many cases, parents, carers or legal guardians may not know that these children can and need to apply. This includes 239,000 children born in the UK, many of whom may not be British citizens.


All applications must be made to the EU settlement scheme by 30 June 2021.

Citizens Advice Enfield is providing advice to those EU/EASS and Swiss citizens living in Enfield that need support with applications. It would be extremely helpful if you were able to share the attached flyer via your weekly newsletter or via the school website. The information may be relevant to the families of your pupils, and parents may not know where to seek assistance with their applications.

Healthwatch Enfield

Please have a look at the latest news from Healthwatch Enfield

Toiletries Appeal

In our October Newsletter we launched an appeal for Toiletries for those facing real hardship during the pandemic. We have had a wonderful response as you can see as Reverend Julie from St John’s Church shows the result.

But we need to maintain the momentum and continue to receive donations on a regular basis

To find out more, and see how you might help – Click Here – Toiletries Appeal

LTN Update

Two of the committee members met with Ian Barnes to discuss the LTN. Here are notes from the meeting.

The FLDRA committee thus encourages everyone to make their individual views known through the formal process set out by the council and described in the leaflets that we have now all received. To submit your comment on the Lets Talk Enfield web site go to:

On specific traffic issues you may also write to:

Head of Traffic and Transportation London Borough of Enfield Silver Street London EN1 3XA

Live Local, Shop Local, Eat Local

It is still  a difficult time for local businesses , so please support them and ensure we have a vibrant local scene.

  • During lockdown many restaurants turned to providing food deliveries or collections and as a result nearly all managed to survive whilst providing residents with delicious offerings
  • Traditional food takeaways  remained open
  • Our wide range of smaller independent grocery stores provide a  wide range of goods.

So we have had the Government Eat Out scheme which provided a life line to our local restaurants.  But they all need our continuing custom throughout the week as they have all been forced to reduce the number of tables available:

We will continue to keep our lists up to date to help support local business

Here is what our councillors have said:

Maria Alexandrou: “I believe it’s vitally important for residents to support local businesses. Thank you for providing a list of shops that are open- this is a lifeline for both residents and shop owners. These businesses after all are the backbone of our local economy and we want to see them thrive going forward.”

Dinah Barry: “Keep healthy and keep our local business healthy too. Our local businesses have look after us by delivering groceries and tasty meals. Let’s look after them. ‘Support local businesses – they are supporting us.”

Learning Circle Conway Rec

Enfield is blessed with parks. And FLD residents have the bonus of Conway Rec – a small green space where marshy land once prevented building. 

In 2010, collapsed pipework created a flood in the Rec. The Council drained the pond to replace the pipes, losing all resident plant and animal life. 

One positive was the formation, soon after, of the Friends of Conway Rec, volunteers who’ve continued to work with Enfield’s Parks Team to keep

the Rec safe, green and attractive.

Over the years, the Friends have also taken on projects, including nest islands in the pond, information panels and flower, shrub, hedge and tree planting.

Three years ago, the Friends planned to build a ‘learning circle’, a point from which local schoolchildren and families could start out to explore the Rec. The circle was envisaged as a professionally-designed mosaic based on pictures of plants and animals seen In the Rec and drawn or painted by St Monica’s pupils. 

Covid caused a succession of difficulties and delays but, at last, the project is complete, thanks to artist Tamara Froud and the support of the local community.

Please call by and enjoy the Learning Circle: it’s well worth the trip. If you’d like to contribute to this and future projects In the Rec, or just learn more about the work, drop a note to

North London Organic Gardeners Plant Sale

Plant Sale Advert

North London Organic Gardeners



Saturday 21st May

10.00am to 12.00 noon

Carey Hall

The Baptist Church

Compton Road,Winchmore Hill,

N21 3PA

to celebrate our return……

Free Admission!

Tea, coffee and homemade cakes

   Veg and flower seedlings, shrubs, perennials, fruit, herbs, and houseplants

(NB.Cash or cheques) 

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