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UPDATED – Eat and shop locally and help save our dining heritage

Eat well and help save our area’s restaurants, eateries and shops.

Our area has a rich selection of restaurants and take away outlets. We have had a huge choice of global cuisines from which to choose. But overnight all were forced to close – to limit the spread of Corona Virus. Imagine how desolate our area would be if, when the restrictions are eventually lifted, many were never to open again.

However many are now adapting and providing collection or delivery services. Obviously no table dining. Over the last few days more are trying to keep afloat by providing delivery services.

Some have their own drivers, but many are now using the delivery platforms of Uber Eats, Just Eat or Deliveroo. Their websites are helpful guides to finding which ones are open.  No risk of placing an order that won’t materialise either.

Some cafes are also experimenting too.

It is often difficult to tell that a restaurant is providing delivery service because they will generally only light up the kitchen at the rear.  Also not all those providing delivery services are listed on the on-line food platforms. So please check the list below. See if your favourites are to be found.

And of course, as you would expect, many takeaway format outlets are also continuing to provide foods from fish and chips to Chinese or Indian.

Drivers are (I have found) scrupulous in sticking to distancing guidelines. No longer perhaps perceived as nuisances dodging through traffic, they are now, in my opinion, essential workers. And please don’t forget to tip them generously. (Food platforms such as Uber Eats allow you to add a driver tip.

The outcome – we can now enjoy a wide range of delicious freshly cooked food.

It’s a win, win. We can eat very well and at the same time support these businesses for the future. It’s less shopping too. And provides something to look forward to each day.

Additionally many of us are rediscovering our local shops. Once visited perhaps for emergencies, many provide practically everything that you might need. In fact the deli selection is often much better than the big supermarkets. Also shorter queues.

Click here to find a list of all the restaurants, take always and local food stores, that are currently open and providing services. It will be kept up to date on the FLDRA website.

You can also find this page under “Local Scene” on the site menu bar

Click here to download a PDF file

So do enjoy a locally cooked meal and ensure that in the weeks to come these establishments will still be there when we return to the new normal. Spread the word

Letter from Cllr Mary Maguire –  Coronavirus – Enfield response update

Letter from Cllr Mary Maguire –  Coronavirus – Enfield response update

28 March 2020

Subject: Coronavirus – Enfield response update

Dear Friends,

I hope you are keeping safe and well in what must be our biggest national emergency since WWII.  Our way of life has changed completely in the past few weeks as the country deals with the coronavirus crisis.  I wanted to give you as much information as I can about how the council has been working to bring help to residents in need and to keep residents safe.

I know that many residents, in addition to fearing for their health and the health of their loved ones, will be worried about paying bills, putting food on the table, or losing their homes, as a result of the nationwide lockdown.

I, my councillor colleagues, council officers and staff, have been working throughout the past week to ensure the safety and health of Enfield residents.  We have agreed and taken a number of measures to that end.  I attach advice leaflets on council tax, housing, and the Enfield Stands Together campaign.

All non-essential shops and community spaces have been closed.  Our libraries and leisure centres, too, are closed. Following government advice, Enfield council has also had to close a number of our face-to-face contact points to help stop the spread of the virus and to keep our residents and staff safe during this time.

The parks and open spaces in our borough currently remain open, although we have cordoned off play areas and outdoor gym equipment – please do not use them.  Residents are asked to follow strict social distancing guidance.  We have all been advised by the medical experts to keep two metres (just over 6 ft for those of us pre-decimal) away from other people and wash our hands regularly.

The council is working closely with the NHS, police, our fantastic community groups and our Enfield businesses.  Our Enfield Stands Together campaign ensures we have community resilience.  We are recruiting volunteers and identifying our most at-risk residents.  Obviously, our council staff are as affected by the spread of coronavirus as residents.  The staff have been making a massive effort to keep services running at this difficult time.

We have opened up a new supply centre,  bought in food supplies , cleaning products and other essentials.  It is a massive operation and we will distribute those supplies to those most in need – including those residents identified by the NHS as being on the shielded list (ie those who should stay at home for 12 weeks).   And we have also secured a supply of PPE for our social care workers.

We already have a number of local businesses helping, and many volunteers, but we do need more help.  If you can volunteer or you, or anyone you know needs help, you can phone us on 0203 821 1966 or complete our online form

You can also find more information here:  Enfield's response to coronavirus (COVID-19)  · Enfield Council 

Enfield's response to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Best wishes,


Cllr Mary Maguire

Palmers Green Ward

Cabinet Member for Finance & Procurement