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Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
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Car written off in accident at junction Cannon Hill and Aldermans Hill – when will LBE act?

Today (at 12:00) a car was written off as it smashed into a tree on the corner of Broomfield Park. Whilst airbags were deployed fortunately nobody was badly hurt. Richard Mapleston spoke to one of the occupants, who was later waiting for the vehicle to be removed. The police had attended. According to the occupant the driver was proceeding lawfuly down CAnnon Hill when a vehicle turned right into Aldermans Hil causing the car to swerve to avoid collision and hitting the tree.

Whilst not commenting on what happened, this accident clearly demonstrates that this junction is very dangerous. In many  cases south bound traffic still goes through at red, leaving north bound drivers into Aldermans Hill at risk.

One might ask when LBE will ever take action. One suspects … never.

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