Fox Lane and District Residents' Association

Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
London N13 & N14

Fox Lane Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) Group

With all the various grass-roots working groups seeking acceptable solutions for our area here is a reminder of the LTN Group (The green poster)

The Fox Lane LTN group is a network of people across the Fox Lane area who support the idea of a low traffic neighbourhood. Each road has their own ambassadors or street link-reps and so far 15 roads are involved.

This group has put together an alternative proposal for the Fox Lane LTN six-month trial,  which has been shared with the community and the council. Our proposal seeks to make the neighbourhood safer, less polluted, quieter and greener for adults and children walking, cycling and using mobility aids, whilst still allowing reasonable access for vehicles (but not through traffic).

The group is also liaising with other groups, including FLDRA, who are looking for better solutions to the traffic issues that blight our community.

If you are interested in supporting an LTN in the future and would like to know the link person for your road, please contact

Scheme Map

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