Fox Lane and District Residents' Association

Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
London N13 & N14

LTN confusion

The council is now unexpectedly making proposals to remove bollards and to replace with cameras on many roads adjacent to Fox Lane.

Bizarrely and flying in the face of everything they have told us they finally admit that the LTN affected roads are indeed “Closed roads ” . This in spite of Ian Barnes telling residents that the roads are not closed.

Quote ;

2. The general effect of the Order referred to in paragraph 1 of this Notice would be to:
(a) remove the road closures in: 
(i) Derwent Road N13, Grovelands Road N13, Lakeside Road N13, Old Park Road N13, Selborne Road N14 and The Mall N14 at their junctions with Fox Lane N13; and
(ii) Oakfield Road N14 at its junction with The Mall N14;
The whole of the new Traffic order can be read here –  New proposal!
In addition there are proposals to remove parking in both Alderman’s Hill and at various points up from Wilmer Way towards Southgate Parking proposals
The Fldra will be following developments closely


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