Fox Lane and District Residents' Association

Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
London N13 & N14

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April 1st , 2023

Dr. Richard Mapleston, committee member, has written the following letter to the council in opposition to the consultation and highlighting the much greater and urgent need of the council to tackle our collapsing pavements;


I have just visited your website and interactive map. And all I can say is that I am utterly unimpressed by this entire exercise. Its a non-funded solution looking for either problems to solve, or worse – an excuse to spend more money on non-existent cyclists. Because let’s be clear the LTN has converted nobody who lives in it to cycling.

This purports to be for pedestrians and and cyclists. That is a fiction, it is only really interested in cyclists. But actually pedestrians have been totally ignored. We don’t want walkways – they are called pavements. But we do want and should demand safe pavements. Not the pitted apologies that we currently have to endure. Spend whatever money you have – if indeed you do have it – apart from for spending on unnecessary council officers – on pavement and zebra crossing renewal.

The pavement in Fox Lane north of the current asphalting is a disgrace. My own road, Ulleswater is in an appalling state.

You claim to want to make roads safer for cyclists. But we don’t need or even want any more cycle lanes. That said the road surfaces – used by all traffic including cyclists but also cars, are disgraceful. So many potholes. Which are  never repaired. They are proliferating and deteriorating further. But this should not need a survey – just use your eyes.


Dr Richard Mapleston