Fox Lane and District Residents' Association

Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
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This page lists:

  • updates on local topics and issues relevant to the FLDRA community
  • websites for local organisations within and around the FLDRA area
  • information of particular interest to our residents, such as recommended tradesmen


The area that FLDRA represents is covered by 4 council wards:

  • Southgate
  • Southgate Green
  • Palmers Green
  • Winchmore Hill

Find your councillors on the Enfield Council website here.

Palmers Green Community

Aim to promote inclusive, locally rooted and accountable community organisations made up of people who care about the quality of life in Palmers Green and surrounding areas and have ideas about how it can be turned into an even better place in which to live, work, study and visit – and of course enjoy an enriching social life.

There are already many groups and websites working towards such a vision – their aim is not to replace them, but to serve as a portal directing people towards them, and also to act as a focus for discussions about those aspects of life in Palmers Green that currently have no online home.

Palmers Green Community website

Friends of Broomfield Park

A group of local volunteers who work with the council to improve the park’s appearance, facilities, conservation value and safety for all to enjoy.

Friends of Broomfield Park website

Broomfield Park Community Orchard

The Broomfield Community Orchard is a new orchard created by local people working in partnership with the LB Enfield in Broomfield Park. Located next to the bowling green off Aldermans Hill, the orchard is on a level area that had been unused for over 15 years and has many wild flowers. It had previously been a bowling green.

The Broomfield Community Orchard web page

Friends of Bromfield House

Broomfield House was once a beautiful Grade II* listed 16th century building, the centrepiece of Broomfield Park in Palmers Green. Until it was badly damaged by fire some 20 years ago. It remains held up by scaffolding and awaits restoration. This is now a matter of urgency.


Latest proposed way forward (May 2019) – Click Here

Broomfield House Restoration website

Former Glory – Broomfield House before the fire

Friends of Conway Rec

The Rec is home to a wide range of amphibians, insects, birds and mammals – including three species of bat. It also offers an increasingly rich habitat as the work on planting native species of bulbs, shrubs and trees continues.

Through the Friends of Conway Rec group, created in 2010, local people get together to work on improving their surroundings. All are welcome – we meet regularly to work in the Rec, aiming to make the environment richer, safer and more attractive for all.

Friends of Conway Rec website

Friends of the Lakes Estate Conservation Area

We are a group of residents who assist the Council in safeguarding the Estate’s unique character by scrutinising planning applications and encouraging good conservation practice. Our web pages contain a wealth of information on protecting and enhancing our Edwardian heritage.

Link to Friends page

The Federation of Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations (FERAA)

Enfield Borough is home to over 330,000 residents of whom many belong to their local residents’ association – such as FLDRA. FERAA is the body that represents the associations jointly. They consider developments outwit our area but which Enfield Residents’

Associations are considering objecting to or where it is felt that the development is broadly detrimental to the Borough e.g. building on the green belt. Committee members continue to attend FERAA meetings and input to helping FERAA form consensus views.

The Federation of Enfield Residents’ & Allied Associations (FERAA) website

Enfield NHS Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) were formed to:

  • Put patients at the heart of what the NHS does
  • Focus on improving those things that really matter to patients
  • Empower and liberate clinicians to innovate, with the freedom to focus on improving healthcare

The fundamental difference with a CCG is that they are led by clinicians. For patients, this means that doctors will be heavily involved in ensuring the appropriate provision of local health services, and will work more collaboratively with other organisations in making decisions about health.

Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is committed to ensuring it commissions sustainable, high quality, safe, effective and efficient healthcare services with a focus on improving patient experience on behalf of the population of Enfield. Enfield CCG is led by the Governing Body (Board) on behalf of the 48 member GP practices, serving a patient population of around 335,500 people.

Commissioning health services involves:

  • Understanding the health needs of the population
  • Designing and redesigning services
  • Buying the services
  • Measuring the impact of services

Link to Enfield CCG Events