Fox Lane and District Residents' Association

Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
London N13 & N14



On  behalf of our members, the committee scrutinises new planning applications which relate to our area. These are forwarded to us on a weekly basis by the Council, together with all new appeals where planning permission has not been granted.

These applications and appeals are then posted, either by email or on the website and members have the opportunity to respond. This can be done by writing directly to the named planning officer at the Council or by contacting the committee.

Wherever necessary, and often in response to members directly concerned with the submitted plans, we write letters of support or objection to plans and submit these to the relevant named planning officers in the Civic Centre.

We pay particular attention to the following:

  • over large developments
  • changes from single to multiple households
  • developments close to busy junctions
  • developments having a detrimental effect upon neighbouring property
  • developments detrimental to the area as a whole
  • developments out of context with the surrounding area – particularly inside the two conservation areas within our boundary – Lakes Conservation and Meadway
  • developments outside our area but where FERAA (Federation of Enfield Residents’ Associations) are considering objecting or where it is felt that the development is detrimental e.g. building on the green belt

Full planning info is found on Council Website. And individuals can submit comments directly. However FLDRA will also present cases if it is felt appropriate.

Planning Applications

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