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Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
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Issues and Consultations

We have a number of key priority themes identified at our AGM. Members can also participate in discussing current issues at local Ward Forums. The FLDRA area is covered by 4 ward forums.

Priorities – 2020

The AGM agreed priorities for FLDRA for 2020 are:

Primary school places, Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood, Palmers Green Town Centre, Public Transport and Environmental issues and these would continue to be priorities this year.

Primary School places –  still an ongoing problem of a shortage of places in the local area for children starting primary school and he had worked with the Council and Enfield Learning Trust to ensure that Bowes –Southgate Green was continuing to provide places for children. Problems had arisen because Broomfield School (the site of Bowes-Southgate Green) was now expanding and needed more space and cuts to the education budget. Places assured for the 2020 intake but need to make sure places will be available for 2021 intake.

Fox Lane QN/LTN – main priority

PG Town Centre – Palmers Green was selected last summer as one of 5 sites in Enfield for rejuvenating the town centre shopping area. The Palmers Green Action Group had been set up and had been successful in cleaning up and helping to create more ‘green’ areas (eg. outside the Job Centre in Aldermans Hill) in PG.

Public Transport – FLDRA continues to take an interest in PG station and reliability of train services which have improved over the last year now the new trains have come into service but still ongoing problems with cancellations to services. Having step free access at PG station is important for travellers and FLDRA has been told by Govia/Thameslink in that work would start soon. ( Update- after an Enfield transport meeting with the train company, residents and Bambos Charalambous on 21 February we were told that they were still at the design stage and it would take 2-3 years!).

FLDRA is also monitoring local bus services, some of which have longer journey times because of new road layouts and more traffic on main roads.

Environmental issues – FLDRA is continuing to look at new developments in waste disposal with the Pinkham Way site and the proposed new Edmonton Incinerator and any implications for pollution on the local area. Also how any extension of the ULEZ will affect this area.

Other priority areas – there was a general discussion on other priorities and it was decided another priority would be the Maintenance of the street scene. Many residents were concerned about the state of the pavements (broken and uneven slabs and replacement by tarmac) and reduction in the number of street trees. Cllr Anderson reported that tarmac was a cheaper but more resilient option for pavements and better for wheelchair users and many of problems were caused by utility companies subsequently digging up roads and pavements. Also, many roads in poor state of repair. Fox Lane railway footbridge also in need of improvement as it floods, is poorly lit and seen as unsafe.

Changes to waste bin collection – FLDRA would be monitoring any effects of the reduction of service to fortnightly collections taking place from March.

Some of these priorities may need to be amalgamated depending on their relative importance through the year.

We require champions for these topics to help take them forward. Please contact the committee if you have an interest or passion and can help.

Quieter Neighbourhoods – Fox Lane Consultation

Following the consultation Enfield Council is now implementing a slightly revised design with no intent to consul residents further.

Their full implementation report can be found here. Click here

Revised map. Click here

The Council recommendations – from this report – are “That the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme for the Fox Lane Area as illustrated in Appendix A be implemented, including:

  • Provision of neighbourhood zone encouraging lower speeds with entry treatments using signs and planters
  • Provision of speed humps in Fox Lane
  • “3D speed cushion” markings in Devonshire Road
  • Informal crossing point at the Amberley Road/Fox Lane junction
  • Point No Entry on Meadway
  • School Street in Cannon Road

Taking steer from responses to the consultation:

  • Road narrowing, other than at junctions, is not progressed
  • Measures for the Meadway/Greenway junction will be brought forward for consultation with ward councillors and local residents

It is noted from Cycle Enfield that:

“This cycle parking is suitable for areas where lots of people live in flats and are therefore prevented from cycling, due to inadequate storage options.”

Climate Emergency:  FLDRA’s response to Enfield Council’s Climate Action Plan

Fox Lane & District Residents Association (FLDRA), has welcomed the Council’s draft Climate Action Plan and considered it in detail.  Committee member Richard Thompson has compiled the response which has now been submitted  to the Council. You can read it by clicking on this link. Any comments should be directed to our mailbox.

Enfield Plan

It is predicted that Enfield’s population could exceed 400,000 by 2032 and we need to accommodate an increasing number of people. Enfield is updating its Local Plan to address the changing circumstances and prepared a consultation document on the New Local Plan for Enfield.

Link to Enfield Plan website

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