Fox Lane and District Residents' Association
London N13 & N14

Issues and Consultations

We have a number of key priority themes identified at our AGM. Members can also participate in discussing current issues at local Ward Forums. The FLDRA area is covered by 4 ward forums.


The AGM agreed priorities for FLDRA for 2018 are:

  • Impact of Cycle Enfield and related issues
  • Vibrant shopping streets
  • School places provision
  • London Plan, scrutiny
  • Enfield Plan scrutiny
  • Ultra Low Emission Zone

We require champions for these topics to help take them forward. Please contact the committee if you have an interest or passion and can help.

Cycle Enfield and Related

FLDRA supports cycling in Enfield and seek to encourage its uptake through appropriate enabling schemes. It is held that such schemes must also balance the needs of all residents, cyclists and non-cyclist alike. We recognise the needs of the elderly and disabled for whom cycling is not an option.

For more on Cycle Enfield visit the Cycle Enfield website.

Quieter Neighbourhoods – Fox Lane Consultation

Following the consultation Enfield Council is now implementing a slightly revised design with no intent to consul residents further.

Their full implementation report can be found here. Click here

Revised map. Click here

The Council recommendations – from this report – are “That the Quieter Neighbourhood scheme for the Fox Lane Area as illustrated in Appendix A be implemented, including:

  • Provision of neighbourhood zone encouraging lower speeds with entry treatments using signs and planters
  • Provision of speed humps in Fox Lane
  • “3D speed cushion” markings in Devonshire Road
  • Informal crossing point at the Amberley Road/Fox Lane junction
  • Point No Entry on Meadway
  • School Street in Cannon Road

Taking steer from responses to the consultation:

  • Road narrowing, other than at junctions, is not progressed
  • Measures for the Meadway/Greenway junction will be brought forward for consultation with ward councillors and local residents

Bike hangar on Lakeside Road Proposal and consultation

“Cycle parking is an important part of providing for cycling in Enfield. People need to be able to store their bikes safely at home and then have somewhere suitable to park their bike when travelling to town centres and other destinations.

Enfield Council is keen to ensure that cycle parking in public places is placed sympathetically to the street environment, whilst meeting the need for parking bikes conveniently and safely.

Requests for cycle parking should come from residents and businesses in Enfield.

There are different types of cycle parking available to suit the needs of different locations. Enfield Council are trialling secure on street cycle parking in residential areas. They can be provided where there is demand, where a suitable location can be found and where residents are in favour of installing this type of cycle parking.”

A proposal has been put out for consultation in Lakeside Road.

It is noted from Cycle Enfield that:

“This cycle parking is suitable for areas where lots of people live in flats and are therefore prevented from cycling, due to inadequate storage options.”

Vibrant Shopping Streets

Palmers Green

We have a shopping area which although is shabby and with major sites now empty. We have lovely shopping areas with Boutique type shops in Alderman’s Hill and Southgate Green. We have lost M&S, Smiths. Multi York, Waitrose. The list goes on …. 

We deserve better for Palmers Green.

The Council has recently conducted a survey of local businesses. The report is available here. Click here

But action is needed if further tenants are not to leave and to have any hope of attracting new ones. Is this the best we can expect?

But elsewhere in our area we have vibrant attractive retail spaces, enjoyed by all.

Southgate Green

London Plan

To quote Mayor Sadiq Khan:

“London Plan sets out a new way of doing things – Good Growth.

Good Growth is about working to re-balance development in London towards more genuinely affordable homes for working Londoners to buy and rent.

And it’s about delivering a more socially integrated and sustainable city, where people have more of a say and growth brings the best out of existing places while providing new opportunities to communities.”

Link to London Plan website

Enfield Plan

It is predicted that Enfield’s population could exceed 400,000 by 2032 and we need to accommodate an increasing number of people. Enfield is updating its Local Plan to address the changing circumstances and prepared a consultation document on the New Local Plan for Enfield.

Link to Enfield Plan website

Ultra Low emission zone

The Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is an area within which most vehicles will need to meet exhaust emission standards (ULEZ standards) or pay a daily charge to travel.

Ultra Low Emissions Zone

Link to TfL ULZ website

Ward Forum Links

  • Winchmore Hill Ward Forum – Friday 2nd November 7:30 pm

           Friends Meeting House, 59 Church Hill, Winchmore Hill, London N21 1LE